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Pet Photography – before the shoot…

A stunning Poodle dog captured at Tworld Studio's dog portrait studio. This elegant canine stands proudly with a graceful posture, showcasing its luxuriously curly and meticulously groomed coat. The Poodle's intelligent eyes exude warmth and intelligence, while its regal appearance adds to its undeniable charm. The expert photography captures the intricate details of the Poodle's coat, highlighting its unique texture and showcasing the dog's refined features. This portrait captures the beauty and sophistication of the Poodle breed, displaying a timeless image of grace and elegance.
Two elegant greyhound dogs posing side by side at Tworld Studio's dog portrait studio. With sleek, slender bodies and a regal presence, these greyhounds exude grace and poise. Their smooth grey coats glisten in the studio lights as they gaze confidently into the camera, showcasing their striking features and gentle expressions. The expertly captured image showcases the bond between these magnificent dogs, highlighting their beauty and capturing a moment of timeless elegance
A loyal and well-behaved black shaggy-haired dog sitting obediently at Tworld Studio's dog portrait studio. This captivating canine showcases a striking black coat with a shaggy and tousled texture, adding to its unique and endearing appearance. With a composed and attentive expression in its eyes, the black shaggy-haired dog exudes discipline and loyalty. The expertly composed image captures the dog's obedient posture, highlighting its good behavior and showcasing its regal presence. This portrait captures the remarkable combination of beauty, discipline, and character in this black shaggy-haired dog, showcasing its captivating allure and well-mannered nature.

Here at TWorld Studio we love pet photography, it is such a fun and rewarding genre of professional photography! We enjoy shooting our furry friends both in our studio and on location at our client’s home or local park if this is preferred.

Pet photography can be tricky though. Pets are obviously different from people in many ways.

They don’t sit still as easily as most humans do, and they don’t always do what you want them to do. This is where a good knowledge of an animal’s body language can come in really useful so that pets can be calmed down if necessary quite easily.

Before the shoot it is important to discuss with the owner the temperament of their pet to find if they are laid back or nervous as this can have a large bearing on whether the shoot is best done in the studio or at a client’s home.

Sometimes the studio flash can be an issue if your pet is nervous so natural light in your pet’s own environment may be the best way to go.

Whether at home or the studio our shoots are kept to a maximum of one hour so as not to stress your pet which is our number one priority.

It is important for the owner to decide what type of shots they want from the session. Do you want a full on studio type shot or a more natural shot at home or even action shots of your pet running or playing?

Once you have decided what you want we can then organise your shoot to best suit your wants and your pet’s needs.

If the shoot is at the studio then the shoot can be any time but if the shoot is on location then time of day is far more important. The middle part of the day in summer if the sun is out can be way too harsh so either early morning or later in the day is preferred.

We will discuss the actual shoot in a future blog but needless to say treats are a must!

It’s no big secret that pet photography is a growing trend among photographers. People love their pets and they want to keep them close, even when they’re not home. This is why we love having pictures taken of us with our beloved animals so we can then look at them on our mobile devices anytime we want.

For more info on our pet portraits packages check out our dedicated page.