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Martha’s photoshoot

Martha's photoshoot- dog photography TWorld Studio Lichfield

Here at Tworld Studio, we recently had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful Martha, a Miniature Schnauzer who was an absolute star. As a huge dog lover shoots like this one are the perfect dream shoot for our lead photographer. Warren absolutely fell in love with her and wanted to take her home! Some dogs can take a lot of persuasion to get them to pose. This sometime is with them being in a studio environment. Which is totally alien territory to the dog. However to help get amazing shots like these ones, we always advise owners to bring a few of her favourite treats. As you can see by super dog model Martha the favourite doggy treats is all she needed. to work the camera like a VIP pooch.

Martha's photoshoot- dog photography TWorld Studio Lichfield

The really fun part of a dog shoot is getting to know them. Learn their quirks, likes and dislikes which really helps. This is so we can show the personality of each pet as they all differ and have their own individual ways just like us humans and one of our big jobs as the photographer is bringing this out in our images!

Lighting in the studio is really important in order to bring out all of the of the colours in the dogs coat and as you can see in Martha’s shoot we have shown all of her colours from white to black with some greys and browns in between!

Finally the choice of background can have a huge effect on the image and it is so important to choose the correct one for each dog to show them off at their best. In Martha’s case we used a black background that was individually lit which worked a treat!

As you can see from the shot below when we changed to the pure white background this gave a totally different, much lighter feel to Martha but works just as well in a different way!

If you have a furry family member that you would like to pooch pose in front of the camera. Then check out our packages. We do not just favour dogs as we can photograph all pets. With one exception, which is snakes. As the team have a severe phobia of reptiles. Details of our packages can be found on our pet portraits page.

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